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Another Secret Is Being Revealed In These Latter Days - Maurício Artur Berger

Volume 1, Article 2 - June 2019 - (Written by Maurício Artur Berger)


Who are the Watchers and their chariots of fire, who have been appointed from the beginning of time to be heralds of God in regard to the affairs of the earth? - Let's read the sealed book of Moses 4:28; 5:17.

1 Speaking in our modern language, the biblical text of 2 Kings 6: 8-24 tells the following story: "There was a man named Benhadad, who was the king of Syria, a Semite nation that existed in the days of old Israel, who was intimately acquainted with the wars and who, on numerous occasions, attempted to attack the elect nation of God. But Elisha, the man described as a prophet, always warned the king of Israel in advance how, where and when the king of Syria intended to attack. Therefore, Benhadad has never succeeded in his military campaigns against this nation.

2 Obstinate in wanting to overthrow Israel, Benhadad, after many unsuccessful attacks, resolved to send a great army to the city of Dothan, where Elisha lived, to imprison him, so that he would not communicate to the king of Israel of every movement of the Syrian, guarding the nation from an imminent destruction.

3 Soon after the army of Syria came to Dothan, and in the dead of night, with his camp armed for war, behold, at dawn, in the part where the sun appeared on the horizon, Gehazi, the servant of the prophet, saw that the city was besieged by a vast and frightening Syrian army, and immediately informed his master, saying, "My lord Elisha, wake up hastily and see, we are surrounded by horses and chariots of every sort, and soldiers and weapons of war of every kind. And now, my lord, what are we going to do?

4 And Elisha said, Fear not: for they that are with us are more numerous than they that are with them. Yes, as startling and frightening as it might have been for Gehazi to see the city surrounded by a mighty enemy army, to the prophet of God who could see the heavenly organization around him, there was no motive for him to fear, so he said: do not worry Gehazi, there are more people on our side than on the enemy’s side.

5 Gehazi then replied, "as well I must inform my lord that there is no one on duty at our side". Then the prophet prayed to God, asking Him to open the eyes of his servant Gehazi, so that he could see the help that Jehovah had sent them over the mountains. The biblical account says, "Jehovah immediately opened the eyes of his helper," so that he saw rising above the mountains of the region; something he could not comprehend in his day, but had described in the pages of Israel's history as "an army of innumerable carriages of fire coming from the heaven." How could Elisha have such confidence? To understand where Elisha's confidence came from, let's dwell on the reading of 2 Kings 2: 1-15 that relates to the past of Elisha.

6 In the context we have just read, we have a brief glimpse of what happened so that Elisha could have so much confidence, since he was with the prophet Elijah on the sublime occasion of his rapture, when at present a chariot of fire, described as having horses of fire, proceeded to make a division between the two; and Elijah was taken to the skies in a whirlwind, while Elijah's mantle of authority rested on Elisha's shoulders, indicating to him that God was calling him to the post of prophet in the place of his master, Elijah.

7 Because of this, Elisha never forgot what he had seen on that occasion. In fact, any of us would be impressed to see a chariot of fire cross the heavens, even if it were today in our day; since it is commonplace for us to see glittering jet planes cross the heavens before our eyes, but which in no way equals the indescribable celestial vehicle of the sentinel angels whom Elisha saw to snatch his friend on that so sublime occasion, where he reported that there was more than one chariot because he exclaimed, "Behold the chariots of Israel and their horsemen."

8 This proved to Elisha, whose record also assures us that Jehovah, the God of Israel, has a real organization and is willing to help us whenever necessary. And although this is invisible for human perception, unless God opens our eyes to see them, yet we know from the anointing that was given to us at the beginning (1 John 2:7-8, 27-28), when our spirits were together with Christ in the heavens, even before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:3-4) that God has an active heavenly organization among the sons of men, with the purpose of ensuring that in the final part of all times (dispensations) his will is done on the earth, just as it is done in the heavens. - Matthew 6:10.

9 When Joseph Smith, Jr. received the plates of Mormon through an angel from heaven, Jehovah reactivated again, after centuries of apostasy, the terrestrial part of his organization of humans authorized by him to again use the Priesthood of the Only Begotten Son of the Father, to obtain of their blessings on earth. and to obtain the support of his heavenly organization for his work of evolution to advance on this planet until its inhabitants attain the degree of knowledge necessary to understand with insight the true revelation of Jesus when he descends to His Temple in Zion (RLDS D&C 38:5a-5c / LDS D&C 38:21-23) in respect to this finite planet, because Jesus promised to prepare another dwelling for us. - John 14:2-3.

10 We can not, for a single moment, affirm that the restoration of the gospel of Christ which began to be reintroduced with the opening of this last dispensation in the nineteenth century is only of a religious scope, when the heavens opened again, shedding light on the knowledge of the children of men after centuries of darkness caused by the ages of the Catholic Inquisition, which forbade not only the expansion of human thought in relation to spiritual knowledge, but also led to men of scientific prominence such as Nicolaus Copernicus, whose theory of Heliocentrism placed the Sun as the center of the Solar System, countering at that time the then-current religious theory with regard to Geocentrism, which regarded the Earth as the center of the universe. Therefore, it was considered a heresy in the meanders of the sixteenth century, when Cardinal San Roberto Belarmino presided over the tribunal which prohibited the Copernican theory, which is considered by the scientific academy of today, as one of the most important academic arguments of all time, the starting point of modern astronomy.

11 The same has happened with countless renowned scientists over the ages. But do not think that it is very different these days when the globalized religion joins in a continuing effort to inhibit the advances of science in regard to stem cell research.

12 There is no doubt that there is a huge field to be explored by medical science and we have just begun to crawl, such as the reproduction of vital organs artificially created in laboratories to replace those degenerative organs in hopeless patients and many others who would not fit here, if we were to list in this compendium, but which are targets of rejection to the religious leaders of the present time. Is it not at this point in history that we will stop crawling on this issue and soon we will stand up to a knowledge that has been spilled without measure since 2007?

13 Doubtless Joseph Smith Jr., like Elisha in ancient Israel, was one of the many prophets who saw many things that convinced him of the great organizational structure that exists among the servants of God who visit men on earth. And it was in his first vision in the mid-nineteenth century that the heavens opened again after a long night of intellectual and spiritual darkness, which for more than a millennium covered the earth, beginning the introduction of the dispensation of the fullness of the times, when moved by his feelings, he decided to ask God which of the churches at that time was the true one, or whether all equally served God.

14 It was at this time that Joseph, a boy of only fourteen years old, learned that none of the religions on earth served Divine purposes. But this sublime moment in the history of the Mormon religion not only initiated a fuller understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ on earth in the religious matter, for as soon as Joseph saw these two beings appearing to him as he prayed in a nearby grove of his house, whose appearance and glory defy any description, the skies were again opened, and the light of scientific, mathematical, architectural, surgical, and other knowledge was widely poured out upon all mankind, to the point that from this first view in the spring of 1820, emerged the most fantastic inventions, never imagined before.

15 Among them, the first photograph taken in the year of 1826 by the French Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

16 The electric lamp by Thomas Edison, after many attempts, in 1890 and after proving in court the authorship of his invention, since other scientists of the time were also developing the same creation (which proves even more that the light of this knowledge was poured without measure on various thinkers of the time) and so soon, the whole world passed to know this wonder called electric lamp, now with wide projection in all quadrants of the Earth. Who today can live without it?

17 Another demonstration that the light of scientific knowledge had been shed on scientists, mathematicians, architects, and others in the mid-nineteenth century is the invention of the telephone, which has generally been attributed to Alexander Graham Bell. However, as Congress recognized in the United States, through resolution 269 of June 15, 2002; the device was definitely invented around 1860 by the Italian Antonio Meucci, who called it "talking telegraph". The first demonstration of this invention of Meucci had repercussion in 1860, whose public description is registered in an Italian language newspaper of New York.

18 Another evidence of knowledge shed without measure in the nineteenth century is the technology of sound transmission by radio waves, which was developed by the Italian Guglielmo Marconi in the late nineteenth century, but the Supreme Court of the United States granted Nikola Tesla the merit of creation of the radio. At the same time, in 1893, in Brazil, Father Roberto Landell de Moura also sought similar results in experiments carried out in Porto Alegre, in the Medianeira neighborhood, where his parish was located. He made the first radio broadcasts, between Medianeira and Santa Teresa hill.

19 Among the many inventions that came to prominence in the nineteenth century, none was more daring than when man accomplished his restless dream of flying. Many legends, beliefs and myths of antiquity have facts related to flight, like the Greek legend of Icarus.

20 We have records of attempts and years of research by many people eager for the long-awaited object that would make them fly. However, it was only the nineteenth century that aerodynamic knowledge was widely poured out of the skies, begun by John Joseph Montgomery who became the first person to make a controlled flight on a machine heavier than air, on a glider.

21 Other aviators then made similar flights at that time, including Otto Lilienthal, Percy Pilcher, and Octave Chanute; however the credit for flying in a first-time controlled airplane is given to Clément Ader; whose flights were effected on October 9, 1890. However, they are ignored by the rest of the world because they were carried out in military secrecy and only revealed many years later. Only after these are the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright, whose credit for the invention of the plane is given today, and also the Brazilian Alberto Santos Dumont, who in the beginning of the 20th century made the first flight on a heavier machine than the air, capable of generating the power and sustenance needed by itself. Regardless of who was the first to fly, these inventions that currently project thousands of aircraft flying over the skies of Earth with countless passengers from one corner of the planet to the other, have only been completed after the first vision has taken place and an unrivaled light has been poured from the heavens on these illustrious visionaries of the nineteenth century.

22 These are but a few of the inventions that changed human behavior and transcended our industrialized system as if it were a giant leap to previous centuries, which coincidentally or not, only came into existence after the heavens were opened, and Joseph Smith Jr. had the first sight, when it was introduced among the sons of men what these heavenly visitors called the dispensation of the fulness of times.

23 In addition to these, we can list in this topic some other inventions that were created in the nineteenth century that boosted our human evolution on Earth. Among them, the electromagnet; the pen with ink; the grass cutter; the fuel cell; the analgesic; the computer program that gave birth to our modern computers (through punch cards); the typewriter; the hypodermic syringe; rechargeable battery; color photography; the pile; the electric generator; the microphone; electric iron ironing clothes; the photographic film; electric drill; the hair dryer and countless others that if we were to enumerate here, we would have to write a book with a hundred pages.

24 What can we learn from all this? - That the Sealed Book of Moses 4:34 speaks of a class of angels, the sentinels, whose design of some, in a remote past of human history on earth, was to teach the sons of men the proper knowledge to shape the iron and to work their mixtures. Teach the properties of herbs and their healing effects.

25 We can not, therefore, detract from this sublime moment of history, in which again an angel brought more knowledge of our origins and delivered to a man in Brazil, whose name is Mauricio Berger, who did not measure pains to show to those who would be witnesses of the artifacts brought by the celestial beings who were in fact real.

26 Even in the midst of many accusations of fraud, mounted photos, and distorted stories on the internet, which began to speak ill of this man, after calling Joseph Fredrick Smith; the great-grandson of Joseph Smith Jr., the founder of Mormonism, and his traveling companion, this man from Brazil nevertheless sent Joseph to select six other men to come and prove the veracity of the artifacts by giving them a few months to prepare with any technology or information that could prove the authenticity of the artifacts owned by Maurício, or his falsity if he were a misleading invention. Who in their right mind would do this if in fact they did not have the full conviction that they were genuine artifacts in the midst of a modern technology that is available today, able to prove any evidence of forgery?

27 The Mormon world, at this stage in which Joseph selected the other six witnesses, was already plunged into uncertainty and doubt, as many fraudulent charges circulated on social networks.

28 What occurred was that these men, Americans who did not know Mauricio, and all determined to prove to themselves and their acquaintances in Missouri and the world, whether this was a fraud or not. Therefore, they performed numerous tests and, above all, experienced the strength of God's Holy Spirit confirming to them the truthfulness of the artifacts. Which kept them firm in their testimonies, for soon after his return to the United States, much effort was made to discredit the facts.

29 Below is the online channel, whose testimony of these events are available, just search on YouTube for the following words: "Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon - Eight Witnesses - Brazil Plates - Audio in English" and watch each one's testimony individually.

30 It is a fact that the Sealed Book mentions that a part of these angels left their original position, and that they often made themselves messengers of the heavens to deceive the children of men, but in everything we have to recognize, according to the scriptures, that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (2 Nephi 27:23 LDS, 2 Nephi 11:145 RLDS), and for this reason, His angelic work has never ceased or will cease to exist among men on earth. Because of this, we understand that an angel was commissioned by God to cross the sky again, bringing with him the everlasting gospel under his arms (Rev. 14:6). If it were not so, then we would not have the Book of Mormon, by whose hands of an angel, Joseph Smith received the gold plates.

31 Before that, however, we must recognize that the Bible went through the same process. The book of Daniel, for example, is one of the 66 books that make up the Holy Bible. However, Daniel reports that on more than one occasion he was visited by a watchful angel. If he presumed to be one of the evil angels, as some religions attest, that if an angel were to leave another gospel, then be anathema; when in fact it is not a question of another gospel, but a complement of the Eternal Gospel from the beginning of time, as well as other books that came after the book of Daniel, which today complement the Bible, while the book of Deuteronomy stated that nothing more should be added to the sacred records of the nation of Israel (Deuteronomy 4:2), yet much had been added to the Hebrew scriptures of the Old Testament, and after that, more additions were made to the New Testament scriptures that are justifiable in the sight of God through the text of Ecclesiastes 3:14-15. Are these then anathema to the eyes of God?

32 Moreover, Joseph said that this would be the dispensation of dispensations, so we can not presume that this work is merely a ransom of the authentic Mormon religion, as it was in Joseph's day, but an appendix to it and an addition of light on the future of humanity. In relation to this, I mean the same as Joseph: "I intend to be one of the instruments in the establishment of the kingdom of Daniel, by the word of the Lord, and I intend to lay a foundation that will revolutionize the whole world." The question is why did Joseph mention the term "Kingdom of Daniel"? For the simple fact that the prophecy described in Daniel 12:4 mentions the time of the end, when then the sealed book would be opened and "Knowledge would multiply" or, as you see in some versions of the Bible, "Science will multiply". — História da Igreja LDS volume 6 pp. 364-365.

33 And this I speak in all fields of human knowledge, which will soon multiply by reason of the coming of Moroni again with regard to the sealed portion of the plates of Mormon. It is here that the Temple of Zion gains meaning, for in it we will learn from the best books, to add light with light, and to come out clothed with knowledge (D&C 88:40, 118, 109:7, 14 LDS; D&C 85:10a-10b, 36a RLDS). This is the proposal of the angels who have visited me over the last ten years: that a church without walls is instituted, which begins, albeit to a limited extent, with on-line and live meetings, but which, in the future, as I was shown in a vision, the members of this church without walls will be gathering in a virtual context in which we can worship God in temples designed by a technology that is about to arise, where a person, who sits on the sofa in their living room, will be in real harmony, as if they were present with thousands of other members from all over the world; which will be developed to establish the Kingdom of God and the unity of all the people who compose it on Earth.

34 The main purpose of the Study Centers of The Sealed Book core is to establish physical structures in which the best books will be taught, whose teaching body from these books will contain all the areas of knowledge that enable us to evolve.

35 Do you remember the inventions of the nineteenth century? Most of them were created by amateur scientists who never attended college, but who were illuminated by the light from the heavens. Do you know who created the television? It was Philo Farnsworth, a member of the Mormon church, in his garage and with limited financial resources. As Philo had no money to invest and having his patent not renewed in the 1940s, RCA was able to gain free access to Philo's records, and thus, after the creation of NBC, the television patent was awarded to Vladimir Zworykin. Now, imagine if in a few years the institution we profess to be an instrument for human evolution on Earth, has the ability to finance ideas like Philo's, would not that propel our evolutionary and spiritual development in a way never seen before?

36 Know, therefore, that these angels, though they lead us to the knowledge of the facts, do not come from that rebellious caste who taught guns in the past.

37 The text of Galatians 1:8 is identifying that if the message is contrary to that of previous prophets, then this angel would be one of the cursed angels. That is, the good news brought by these celestial beings, which corroborate with the previous context of the scriptures left by the prophets of the past, do not correspond to an "OTHER GOSPEL", but only to a sequence of the same Eternal Gospel that is being given to the children of men in the flow of various dispensations since the beginnings of all time. - Ecclesiastes 3: 14-15.

38 What confirms the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the Sealed Book of Mormon is the fact that in addition to Daniel there are innumerable prophets who obtained visits in the distant past, similar to those of Joseph Smith and Mauricio Berger who agree to the same methods used by God to clarify his gospel by means of angels.

39 In the mid-nineteenth century, Joseph Smith expressed having seen Lights and characters whose appearance and glory defy description. Regarding the account in which the three witnesses of Joseph see the angel Moroni, the following is recorded: “A few days later, the Prophet and the three men went into the woods near the Whitmer home in Fayette, New York, and began to pray for this great privilege to be granted to them. Martin withdrew, feeling unworthy. The Prophet recorded what then occurred: “We … had not been many minutes engaged in prayer, when presently we beheld a light above us in the air, of exceeding brightness; and behold, an angel [Moroni] stood before us. In his hands he held the plates which we had been praying for these to have a view of. He turned over the leaves one by one, so that we could see them, and discern the engravings thereon distinctly.” The men also heard the voice of God testifying of the truthfulness of the translation and commanding them to bear record of what they had seen and heard. Joseph then went to find Martin, who was praying elsewhere in the woods. They prayed together and saw the same vision and heard the same voice.”

40 Mauricio Berger's account of his present-day visions is somewhat similar to Joseph's visions, but with a clearer understanding of what Joseph and other prophets of the past were unable to understand, as they reported the wheels within wheels in the description of the prophet Ezekiel, but which are understandable vehicles to our modern understanding if seen in the photos that Mauricio and his three companions have of these objects of extremely bright lights, which transported these beings every time they came of the skies. — Ezekiel 1:4-5, 16, 22 and 24; 10:1-2; 11:1.

41 Another account of the past that is now clear from our modern understanding of the technological capabilities of these beings is the story that took place in 1832 when Truman O. Angell, one of the foremen of the Kirtland Temple, and three other men testified that the temple plan appeared to them in the distance, on the ground where the temple would be built. For they prayed that the Lord would reveal to them the design of the building. And in this, they could see its exterior, as soon as the vision descended upon them, and they glimpsed in detail its interior: "Later, as he spoke in the completed temple, Frederick G. Williams said that the hall in which they were assembled coincided in the smallest detail with the vision given to them." — LDS Handbook - History of the Church in the Fulness of Time (in Portuguese) 341 - 343; pag. 162-163. In modern eyes, would not that be a hologram?

42 What do we learn from this? That we are not alone in this work. That along with this small group of men and women now standing up in Brazil, Missouri, and the world as students of the Sealed Book Study Centers, there are myriads of angels in readiness (D&C 86:5 LDS, D&C 84:2b RLDS) to do with this work of God as it did in the early days of the restoration, but according to the promise of the angel Moroni three times greater.

43 Brothers and sisters and friends, sympathizers of this work that begins among us, do not allow your hearts to be afflicted because of our humble condition compared to the greatness of the churches of the restoration that surround us. The Lord prophesied that we would be like a hut in the midst of a garden of cucumbers surrounded by great and sumptuous temples, but that in due time the little one will become a strong nation (Isaiah 1:8, 60:22). So do not grieve your heart for joining something so small and seemingly insignificant at this point in the history of the restoration, for Jehovah's heavenly organization assures us that there are more who are with us than with them.

44 They, the angels of God, have always wanted us humans to know this - that they are among us and that those who understand the message of this second invitation prefigures the separation of the wheat and tares. Who will not want to participate in such a noble cause? And you, on which side do you want to be?

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