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Bishop Robert L. Cackler - The Sealed Book - Abraham’s Delight, part 2

God made a promise to Abraham, as found in the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:1-2 IV / 12:1-3 KJV), that “in thee shall the families of the earth be blessed”. The fulfillment of this promise has yet to occur. The families of thee earth still await the blessing. The Second Invitation, led by the modern-day Moses, Maurício Berger, is purposed to bring this promised blessing into reality. The Sealed Book is the herald of this second invitation with a renewed invitation for the faithful in Christ to prepare their lives to sit with the Lord at the wedding supper (Matthew 22:1-14). The Lord has brought forth the Restoration to bring his church out of obscurity and darkness and into the path of light to prepare the families of the earth for this great blessing. These monumental events also prepare the way for prayer of Alma to be fulfilled by the faithful who are obedient to the commandments and covenants of the Lord:

Alma 5:42/7:25, And may the Lord bless you, and keep your garments spotless, that ye may at last be brought to sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the holy prophets who have been ever since the world began, having your garments spotless, even as their garments are spotless in the kingdom of heaven, to go no more out.

God’s great and marvelous work of bringing into reality the promised blessing is progressing today in the work of Second Invitation. Many historically significant events are occurring in the church as preparations are being made to bring Christ’s church out of darkness, redeeming the house of Israel, and implementing the United Order of Zion as a precursor to Zion. Let’s read from The Sealed Book:

Words of Moroni 42, Being that among these few things that will be drawn from the first sealed set, before being every book put together in a later period of time, will be sufficient to awaken the faith in the followers of Christ who will proceed from this great and marvelous work that will take place when these things begin to take place among the covenant people in the fullness of times, that the Lord may stretch forth his hand for the last time, that he may redeem his people that are of the house of Israel.
Acts of the Three Nephites 12:32-33, 12:32 These words, therefore, apply to the Gentiles in the last days. Yea, to whom this record is to be revealed in the fulness of times, to redeem my people, which is a remnant of Jacob, as Isaiah foretold when he wrote: "Thus saith the Lord GOD, which gathereth the dispersed of Israel, and lo, I will yet gather others unto him.
12:33 Therefore, I preserve this doctrine and preserve it by my own hand to be restored in the last days for the purpose of fulfilling the words of Isaiah concerning the day on which I, Jesus Christ, will definitely seal the law and the testimony through these ancient Records for the restoration of this important commandment among My disciples that I will gather with the house of Jacob.
The Sealed Book of Moses 17:23, Yet, behold, this is my work and my glory: To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. And now, Moses my son, write these things which I will tell you at this time: for in the day when the children of men shall despise my words, and shall take away many of them from the book which thou shalt write, behold, I will raise up another like unto thee; and they will again be within reach of the children of men by these things that you record now — so that these words of mine may find all those who believe in my everlasting gospel, that this knowledge which will be revealed by this man whom I will raise up in the last days, like you, will gather again those who belong to me, for they are my elect to support this my work and restore the heritage of my people in the final part of the fullness of times.

Enoch’s success in establishing Zion among his people should serve as an inspiring example and reassurance to the members of the church that the great blessing of Zion is possible to achieve:

The Sealed Book of Moses 4:40-41, 4:40 And from that time the Lord blessed the church of Enoch, and called them the people of Zion, because they were all gathered under his laws and commandments, he also blessed the land upon which they had settled, among the mountains, for how much they flourished as a peaceful people, having all the feelings in common.
4:41 And the Lord called the place of the temple of mount Zion, and their city of Salem, because they were of one heart and purpose, and lived righteously; and there were no poor among them. And so the people of the church of God began to build under the supervision of Enoch a society of holiness, where their citizens would live in their hearts all the principles of purity required by God and be a holy people. They would therefore be a pure people of heart, and called them a covenant people.

The preparations made today prepare the way for the coming holy city. The children of the covenant have the assurance that Zion will be a reality:

The Sealed Book of Moses 4:60, It will come after righteousness and truth sweep the earth, before the great and terrifying day of the Lord, when at last I descend upon my people in the last days, just as I came down among you in a temple erected to my name in the land that I will gather my elect, in a place that I will prepare beforehand, a Holy City, so that my people will gird their loins and yearn for the time of my coming; for there will my tabernacle be, and it shall be called Zion, a New Jerusalem.

The Sealed Book explains how Jesus Christ prepared the inhabitants of the new world with priesthood authority in preparation of the great zionic society they achieved among all of the people in the land. This same priesthood has been restored in the church today by the prophet and seer Maurício Berger. Let’s read about the Nephite nation:

Acts of the Three Nephites 6:1-9, 6:1 This is how Jesus told us while he was among us: "If you obey my commandments strictly and keep my covenants, then you will be my special property among all the peoples of the earth. And you yourselves will become a kingdom of priests and a holy nation."
6:2 As part of his covenant with Abraham, that all the nations of the earth shall be blessed by means of a “chosen seed”, He, Jesus, being the “Promised Descendant”, kept this same promise among the children of Lehi, placing upon me, Nephi, the presidency of the high priesthood of His Church, and to my descendants after me, from generation to generation as regards that of his administration here in the land of our inheritance, in parallels with the administration of the Church of Christ in the land of Jerusalem; for how much I, and my descendants, according to the diligence that we show for the Gospel of Christ, will be the channels of revelation for the church in this land of promise, since we have no contact with him who holds the keys of the kingdom, laid upon his head by the hands of Jesus Christ when he ministered among the Jews in the land of our ancestors.
6:3 The basis of this promise, that extended over the firstborn of this seed, it is superimposed upon the head of a righteous descendant from the line of Nephi, if the firstborn has not the desire to fill this office in the place of his father, or is not worthy of such.
6:4 Being that I, Nephi myself, with whom Christ made this covenant, I tell you with all the strength of my heart, that we, the Nephites, can become, yea, this special property for Jesus Christ among all other peoples from the earth and become a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.
6:5 Know therefore, all of you, O people of the Church of Christ, that Melchizedek was king and priest at the same time, with office to the high priesthood equal to Enoch. And now we have this same designation left over Nephi's head, and extended to every Nephite nation with the opportunity to produce "a kingdom of priests" and thus, to promote a royal priesthood among the peoples of the earth.
6:6 But this condition depends on strictly obeying the commandments of Christ and indeed keeping his covenants.
6:7 Nevertheless, let us definitely understand that the law of Moses, which was brought by our ancestors to this land of promise, has served as a tutor until Christ appears among us and gives us a new covenant, in which the promise made, is that we will be a kingdom of priests according to the order of Melchizedek, in which the high priesthood, as it was in the beginning, shall be restored in the latter days.
6:8 And now, brethren, behold, I, Nephi, being the one upon whom Christ appointed for presidency of the high priesthood among His Church here in the land of our inheritance, I call you to the general assembly to require you to keep His commandments, and to dignify ourselves before His eyes as a holy people and worthy of His grace.
6:9 So let us stand up to erect the society and city that Jesus Christ has presented to us, so that we may enter into his rest.

Focusing on the commandments that the Lord has given the church today, it is fascinating to ponder on the way God phrased the Abrahamic covenant using the word, “family”. Reviewing the covenant:

Genesis 12:2 IV/12:2-3 KJV, And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing; and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee; and in thee shall the families of the earth be blessed.

The choice of the word “family” is of particular interest and significance to members of the Second Invitation. Believers of The Sealed Book know the paramount importance that the Lord has placed on strong Christian families of faith and the relationship between families in forming the society that will lay the foundation of Zion:

Acts of the Three Nephites 10:5, Here is wisdom and a promise; since Zion begins in our own house, then the fundamental bases of the united order of Enoch are the families that compose it. If, therefore, families are weak and disunited in their homes, then the society of Zion will not last for a long time, for when a family falls apart, the foundations of our society are shaken. Nevertheless, if families are not strong and united, then our conception of the Kingdom of God among men on earth will be nothing more than a fable.

Strong Christian families have a special bond and ability that helps each member through the struggles of life and supports them in the development of their faith. United families are not limited to the man-made boundaries imposed by nations and cultures. United families have a bond that binds together the members of the family in love. God uses the analogy between heavenly and earthly families to emphasize the principle of love and its effectiveness in producing godly and enduring relationships. God is the Father. Jesus is the Son. The redeemed are the children of God. Church members are brothers and sisters. The people of the church are the family of God. There is sufficient God-given strength and power in families to form the sublime society that is worthy to be called the body of Christ.

The Sealed Book reveals some essential information to strengthen families. For example, God has reserved the knowledge of his name to come forth to the families in the last days to equip them for success. This knowledge of his name as the source of good feelings, was not made known to Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. It was revealed to Moses and the Israelites, and now it has been revealed to the one like Moses to sanctify the covenant people in the last days.

The Sealed Book of Moses 14:15-16, 14:15 Then God answered me, saying: I AM THAT I AM. And this is what you should say to the children of Israel, I AM sent me to you.
14:16 For I make known to you my name, which I did not reveal to Abraham; Isaac and Jacob. You therefore have knowledge that I AM the existence beyond any reason or cause; I AM the One who fills all things; who dwells in light inaccessible to men in the flesh, whom no man has seen or can see unless he is vivified in the spirit, neither can the tongue of man utter my name. Therefore, I AM and I am in you and you are in Me through the feelings that emanate from my name.

The Sealed Book has many passages that teach about feelings and how to maintain good feelings and therefore the connection with the Father and the Son. Consider these poignant words of the Prophet Moses:

The Sealed Book of Moses 5:26-29, 5:26 To these I, Moses, clearly taught them in the wilderness and diligently sought to sanctify the nation of Israel in their totality, purifying their hearts so that their feelings would be the purest possible, in order to take upon themselves the name of God and to the Grace and power of the priesthood among their descendants and thus be able to get and to live in its fullness the law of consecration for the purpose of becoming equal to the people of Enoch, in one a perfect united order.
5:27 For behold, verily I say unto you, that the gifts of God are but the pure sentiments derived from His name in their hearts, and for being so simple to the class of the sages of Israel, such gifts did not subsist for long in their midst, for how much they were not able to bear His presence in their feelings, but as soon as they hardened their hearts because of the precepts which they had in regard to their traditions, that it was not possible to pass on this knowledge to their children and to these future generations, but only one among so many men of the house of Israel was able to understand, yea, Joshua.
5:28 Not even my children were able to comprehend the fullness of these things, due to the precepts passed to them by my father-in-law Jethro. Because the Lord has demanded of me, Moses, that after I have written these words, that I may be taken out of this people, Israel, and from among them, even the priesthood of His Son be taken away, lest they belittle this greater gift; the love coming from the higher name of God and thus they come to desecrate its meaning. Therefore it must remain hidden from the world until this book is revealed in the fullness of times, but not all will understand except those who believe.
5:29 Therefore, I, Moses, tell you again this truth, that the children of men who shall receive these things, when in the fullness of time comes, that they will not yet be fully ready to comprehend in its fullness the truths here exposed, except to those who seek to understand the mysteries of God.

In conclusion, The Sealed Book is Abraham’s delight because it contains the restored knowledge that is necessary for the establishment of Zion and thus the fulfillment of the blessing that “in thee shall the families of the earth be blessed.” The Lord gives his assurance that his people in the fullness of time will be successful in obtaining this holy society:

The Twelve Apostles of Moses and the Promised Land 22-23, 22 Behold, ye are not worthy of such greatness, because I have desired to obtain a people for my name; a property that I could call my own; a nation of Priests, but these did not qualify in the days of Moses.
23 Behold, to this end I will continue to work, and at the end of all, when in the fullness of time I shall come, then I will find upon the earth a people ready to receive me. Amen.

It will surely be a delight to Abraham and his descendants when Zion flourishes and fulfills the promised blessing of the covenant. Abraham and all of the house of Israel will rejoice.

Psalm 53:7 IV/53:6 KJV Oh that Zion were come, the salvation of Israel; for out of Zion shall they be judged, when God bringeth back the captivity of his people. And Jacob shall rejoice; Israel shall be glad.


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