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Elder Oliveira's Speech

Eliminating the bad feelings in our hearts


I really appreciate the opportunity is great responsibility after great speeches already given.

So, I opened the Sealed Book and found the following scripture:

The Nephite people, taken then, by their highest sentiments, banished from their midst all resentment that came from the evil one, beginning with sorrow and rancor, then anguish and fear, anger, covetousness and lasciviousness, and many others derived from satan, and whenever an adverse feeling to the heavenly gifts was identified, a record was made of it for the purpose of being worked out at church meetings in general, for the purpose of being replaced by those noble sentiments derived from the bigger Gift, coming from the name of our God, one at a time, until the strife between brethren ceased to exist, and there were no more quarrels among the Nephite people. (Acts of the Three Nephites 8:1)

So, we can see one of the keys that the Nephites used to fight the disputes among the people, until they ceased to exist and were very blessed, they were one in heart and gained for sure more understanding in all things.

1 - Let us therefore be moved by a higher cause, in which brother watches brother and the Church of Christ as a whole, watch over all the members, so that there is no needy, sick, and afflicted in our midst, that we may show ourselves true disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, and be worthy representatives of his name amidst a corrupted and misrepresented world. 2 - Cease therefore your complaints and your grumblings, for nothing can be more destructive to men in the flesh than to complain continually. Cease looking for mistakes on your brothers or sisters, but love one another just as Christ loved us, for this not only qualifies us to be his disciples, but identifies us as such. 3 - Cease to be idle, for this is required of us as servants of a great King, to be vigorous in our affairs, no matter what we are engaged to do with our own hands, doing it with every endeavor of our heart, mind, and soul for the honor and glory of our Lord. (Acts of the Three Nephites 10:1-3)

These verses above give us guidelines on how to act with our neighbor, instead of criticizing, offending, why not help, advise and show greater love?

Eliminating gossip among Zion's people is of utmost importance. This only causes disunity and bad feelings.

If we are going to say something about someone, let's talk about their qualities and be willing to help that brother or sister to evolve and grow spiritually.

Versículo 5: Here is wisdom and a promise; since Zion begins in our own house, then the fundamental bases of the united order of Enoch are the families that compose it. If, therefore, families are weak and disunited in their homes, then the society of Zion will not last for a long time, for when a family falls apart, thefoundations of our society are shaken. Nevertheless, if families are not strong and united, then our conception of the Kingdom of God among men on earth will be nothing more than a fable. Versículo 6: May purity and goodness be in the mode of speaking between the spouses and practiced in relation to the children, so that their behavior reflects in the outside world, beyond the walls that shelter their homes, developing a society whose language is pure and unblemished to ennoble the magnificence of Zion among the sons of men. Versículo 7: If the guidelines of our home are the teachings of Jesus Christ, then we will live in homes where joy reigns, whose branches of our posterity will be firmly rooted in the fruits of the Holy Spirit; love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance; these being the feelings that must fill our earthly abode, as being a heavenly refuge. And, behold, joy is one of its fruits and will overflow through the walls in the homes of Zion. Versículo 8: The unity that is required of us as disciples of Christ has no structure if its foundations are not firmly established among the families of Zion. The more united we are to the members of our families, the greater will be the strength of the structures of our unity as God's people.Versículo 9: Yea, truly, I tell you, our commitment to make our homes the symbols of Zion, not only prepares us to respond to a higher purpose before the world, but also enables us to live the true unification among brothers, such so that our actions may be perceived out there among the peoples of the Gentile nations, so that we may draw to Christ, all those who have the desire to join us, for the purpose of living Zion in their hearts, in perfect peace and harmony. (Acts of the Three Nephites 10:1-3)

We can practice this within our home, whether with our companion, partner, sons and daughters, family members in general. Leaving indifferences aside, so as not to care only about affinities and what we identify with, but rather with the importance of the purposes that unite us and not divide and separate us.

Let us pray that the Heavenly Father blesses us and that we can open our minds and see that we are not part of this world, it is just a passage to elevate us more and more; and prepare to meet with HIM, and that on this day the Great Tribunal be a pleasant day of Love and Mercy to all of us.

I know that the Prophet Maurício Artur Berger is a Prophet, Seer, Revelator our Moses in the current days to guide us to carry forward this so noble and Sacred Work, that we can support him and follow his advice and teachings and pray for him.

I leave this speech in the name of our Master, Savior, Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.

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