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Message 1 - President Samuel S. Gould: November 2022

Greetings my Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Second Invitation to the Wedding Supper of the Lord.

The First Invitation was issued by the Father and the Son visiting Joseph Smith jr in the words, “Come, for all things are ready.” In the land speculation of after 1830s, and the proving of farms and businesses after 1860s, and the marriage with the world churches after the 1980s, the work was left fallow. [Luke 16:16-20, D&C 123:7-10].

The Second Invitation was issued by the heavens in the visitation of Mauricio Artur Berger by the Angels Rafael (portent of distruction) and Moroni (holding healing salve of salvation) after the 2000’s. In that the field had been cultivated by the Restoration Saints, it was ready for the planting of the seeds of salvation for the children of the Lord. Those member´s who still carry within them the bright burning zeal in their bosom that ascends to the heavens for one single hearted purpose. That missionary minded purpose is what builds the foundations of this organization for the fulness of the administration of the Gospel among the children of men (Words of Jesus through Moroni to the four witnesses in Brazil, Mi V52). The message for this conference was clearly, with all these witnesses, let us go forth in full faith and divine strength as mighty missionaries to establish the promise of Zion that inflames each members heart.[Luke 14:21, D&C 123:11-14].

The third gathering effort will come in the brilliance of our labors in the establishing the cause and building of Zion, wherein, those who were reluctant to follow, the fishers, and hunters, and high priests of heaven will “compel” them to come to Zion. [Luke 14:22-24, D&C 123:11-14]

Yes, we are the second laborers in this great commission issued by the heavens to establish the cause of Zion and to build the spiritual temple with those who are able to “carve” from their hearts the dark precepts, traditions, and agendas of men through the ingesting of the brilliant light of the noble names and attributes of God in imprinting the laws of God upon the fleshly tabernacles of our hearts. Calling upon the gifts of the spirit of God and the earthly elements created for our benefit to walk uprightly, and circumspectly before all as we issue the invitation and call to our family, friends, and foes in the pure testimony we have recieved before our heavenly helpers.

The example is fully expressed by our President, Prophet, Seer, and Revelator Mauricio Artur Berger who was caught up into the heavens, marked with the keys of the administration of the Church and Kingdom of God on earth in this Second Invitation. His helpers have been few as he stood in the breach defending the privilege of establishing the cause of Zion as is revealed in the word given through the interpreters on November 6, 2022:

V11: My servant Maurício has played a very active part in protecting my church from the interests of my enemy, and yet, even though he has been surrounded by qualified priests who know my gospel to garrison them in this battle, most of the time he has found himself alone in the fight against my adversary, and when those who should be his help, many times they have offered him resistance, face to face.

V12: For this reason I am removing him from your presence, just as I removed Moses from among the children of Israel, and he is essential only for your conferences, and will only be present among the congregation if it is his will.

This is a proclaimation affirming the untiring work and labors of our Prophet Mauricio that assisted in the maturation process required for his growth and maturity that he might now take on the immensity of the labor in developing the Kingdom of God through the United Order of Brazil under the umbrella of the United Order of Zion. This action is in accordance with the words of Jesus Christ through Moroni concerning his “chosen servant”, Mauricio Artur Berger:

V10: “And, when my chosen servant is mature, behold that I the Lord will designate him to make a bigger project in relation to this work.”

V11: “And with you, I will raise those who anxiously await my instructions to rescue Zion, and united in a single purpose, I will begin the work to put my house in order.”

In the promotion of his “chosen servant” Mauricio Artur Berger, to develop the Kingdom of God on earth, the Lord has called a servant that carries the “zeal” and “faithfulness” to be appointed also as a President, Prophet, Seer, and Revelator to regulate and set in order the Church of Christ throughout the world. This was given through the Seer Mauricio Artur Berger using the interpreters as the revealment came forward in English and captured by the scribe Sister Rafeala Berger on October 30, 2022.

V5: “And from this time forth I appoint unto him that he may be a prophet, and a seer, and a revelator unto my church, as well as my servant Maurício, that he may act in concert also with my servant Maurício and that he shall receive counsel from my servant Maurício, who shall show unto him the keys whereby he may ask and receive, and be crowned with the same blessing, and glory, and honor, and priesthood, and gifts of the priesthood, that once were put upon my servant Joseph Fredrick Smith, which became to me, the Lord, like the church of Sardis, whose works in opposition to my servant, Maurício, made him manifest in my eyes and, even if it has fame that thou livest, he dead to me, as had similarly happened to my servant Wallace Bunnell Anthony Smith – says the Lord.”

The continuation of the revelation from God through the interpreters stones was given in Portuguese on November 6, 2022.

V15: “For behold, although my servant Samuel Gould is not a lawful heir according to the flesh, as is my servant Joseph Fredrick Smith, who was hidden from the world, as it is written in the Doctrine and Covenants 86:9, you are in my Father's eternal plan a lawful heir according to the Abrahamic covenant, according to the spirit, as described in Section 132 of the Doctrine and Covenants, verses 28-31, in the part that corresponds to what I, the Lord, revealed to my servant Joseph Smith Jr. concerning his spiritual descent handed down from generation to generation....”

This revelation was given spiritual consideration by the general authorities and unanimously accepted during the conference on Friday, November 11, 2022. The ordinances of foot washing and setting apart were conducted by President Mauricio Berger in accordance with the divine procedure given wherein Melchizedek ordained Abraham as President and Patriarch of the Church in his day [Sealed Book of Moses 9:1-2, Gen 14:17-19].

In this office of President and Patriarch of the Church of Christ world-wide, I will continue to walk in “concert” with and “receive counsel” from the President of the Kingdom of God on earth in the humble and meek manner in which Abraham conducted himself before Melchizedek (Shem) and Hyrum Smith walked as a true brother and friend of Joseph Smith jr.

It is with in-trepidation and the peace of God reigning in my heart that I lay down my all before the Bride of Christ, yes, I place before you my character and reputation, all honor and applause, my good name among men, my houses, my lands, my brothers and sisters, my wife and children, and even my own life for the cause of Zion in this Second Invitation to the Wedding Supper of the Lord.

I come from humblest of circumstances as a son among a family of 14 children raised in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ by two parents of immense faith and fortitude. I am a Process Engineer by training, and will be revealing the simple processes of the Kingdom of God, as we go forth as witness for the Second Invitation throughout the world. I will depend upon your earnest prayers in devotion to God, your oft rejoicings in fasting, your undying patience in my missteps, and your unconditional love for the labors enjoined with the Lord of the Vineyard. The harvest is truly great and the laborers just as preciously a few on earth, yet the heavens are open for the ministration of the hosts dedicated to this proposition of peace on earth.

You are an ever-present joy in my heart as that is where my prayers ascend to the heavenly Father in your behalf my beloved Brothers and Sisters.

I am your servant in Jesus Christ,

Brother Samuel

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