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Message 2 - President Samuel S. Gould: January 2023

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Second Invitation to the Wedding Supper of the Lord, Greetings.

When First Invitation was issued by the Father and the Son, It came with an ensign of the ancient witness of the Nephite Record. The literal translation of the golden title page named it, the Book of Mormon. It came in the care of Angels and the administration of the heavenly host who carried commissions for the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. The new religious thougths came in the unity of faithful adherants willing to die that the truth would go forth in power.

The tempter was equally prepared with a united and fierce opposition from the religious, fraternal, and political organizations of the day to force the light of God out of the darkness of the world religions of the day. These minions of the adversary would commit the most haneous and gruesome acts in the annals of human history. As God visited the sons of God with the pure light and power of truth and love to overcome the oposition, the adversary flooded a like level of ferocity in powers of darkness, falsehood and hatred into the thoughts, minds, and devotion of the sons of Perdition.

The restoration of the High Priesthood after the order of the only begotten Son of the Father was established that the gospel of heaven as it appears in the bosom of the Father would go forth with the keys, and in the power and authority of this holy Priesthood. The hope was that men would heed the call to repentance, accept the invitation to be perfected in the love of God that they could be purified, even as Jesus Christ is pure. That we may see him as he is when he comes to his physical temple in Zion to build the holy city New Jerusalem for the govenment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be; but we know that when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.” (1John3:2IV)

As the precepts, traditions, and agendas of mankind continued the onslaught against the truth, the keys of the Dispensation of the Fulness of times had disappated and were lost to the restoration as a whole. Yes, the abominations of desolations in world thinking had all but extinguished the light of truth in the Zion thinkers. When this happened, the Lord set his hand a second time in a marvelous work and wonder (2Ne11:28-29 or 2Ne25:17). The Sealed Book brings forth this to our understanding when the keys of the High Priesthood functions have disapated.

And this is the decree established even before the foundation of the world — Every time the gospel goes into apostasy and the keys of the kingdom are spread and lost, behold, God calls a seer. And no man can be the seer, unless he be ordained by God through angels, and become the greatest of all1, for there can be no greater called among the children of men, because the keys are again brought to earth for the purpose of being redistributed to those who will be ordained by his hands to the office of high priests, so to help in matters pertaining to the administration of the church of God, distributing the corresponding keys to all those who hold office of oversight between the covenant people in their respective functions, and who shall be called so that all things pertaining to the kingdom of God occur as organized.” (SM4:63)

Now the Second Invitation was issued by the heavens in the visitation of Mauricio Artur Berger by the Angels Rafael (portent of distruction) and Moroni (holding healing salve of salvation), the Jerusalem Apostles, the Nephite Apostles, and the heavenly host with a commission of care for the setting of the Lord’s hand in this Second Invitation to the wedding supper of the Lord. It came with an ensign of the ancient witness of the the greater things that were had among the Nephites in accordance with God’s promise (3Ne12:1-5 or 3Ne26:6-10) in accordance with the trial of our faith. The literal translation of the golden page upon which Moroni provides the Second Invitation, the record is given the named Sealed Book from the Plates of Mormon. The advent of God’s witnesses to the Plates of Mormon was testified to in the heart of the USA before all the restoration peoples assembled, even as many as the Lord chose, and these witnesses have given their sacred testimony to all the world then and most recently during the Seventh General Conference held in Brazil. These testimonies can be viewed and used to tranfer the work of God into the hearts of all restorationist who yet carry the flame that burns in the bosom of the faithful.

“... sustained by the pillars of truth, to which must burn in you a remnant sense of the 'ORIGINAL CHURCH,' this being your common legacy, what zeal must ascend to heaven as never before seen on earth, in whose spirit each member of it is imbued with the one purpose which builds the foundations of this organization, the fullness of the administration of my gospel among the children of men. Therefore must there be in you a desire to qualify you in all things relative to my gospel that you may be fully equipped with the comprehension of the truth revealed in the Scriptures and be able to impart it to the other 'Latter-day Saints ...” (V52 Words of Jesus Christ through the Angel Moroni)

Let those in which this living spark God dwell, kindle this fire that it be ignited by the working of the holy presence of God within your soul to burn ever brighter as the day star of truth and the knowledge of the mysteries God fills your soul with joy and peace and the patience of long suffering. For we know that the adversary will oppose us with all his storm and tulmult of the ages that the light of God may be extinquished whereever it flairs up in us. My lovely Brothers and Sisters, Know this truth,

For it must needs be that there is an opposition in all things.” (2Ne1:81 or 2Ne2:11)

Let us herewith, acknowledge and decide that we are going to embrace the opposition of others in great loving kindness, having compassion the ignorant and on those who are out of the way and oppose themselves (Heb 5:2). As a process engineer, I love friction and gravity, it helps define the creative forces in the world. Without the assistance of friction, you would not be able to take a single step forward, it is what you take in stride when you are about your Father’s business. It is the challenge to motion that allows you reach your creative purpose on this earth. When you wish to leap, it is gravity that brings you back to your labors upon God’s footstool of earth. This does not mean that we cannot attain the greates heights, even to the heavens above. We use this very force to accomplish many of our goals in flight travel. Yes, we need to love the opposition, for with it we are able to grow and mature before God to meet our creative purpose in this life before our feet.

But I say unto you who hear my words, Love your enemies; do good to them who hate you. Bless them who curse you, and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you.” (Luke6:27-28IV).

My beloved fellow laborers, when the hounds of hell are barking, barking, barking and nipping and biting at your heart and soul, we must transform the conversation into the love tones of our God. Jesus taught us to be wise servants and as gentle as doves (Matt 10:14IV). So as the lambs of the second invitation is challenged by the opposition’s bark, bark, barking we should be putting forth the sacred coo, coo, cooing in full the humility and meekness of our savior. In this we will grow into the child of hope in Zion with a much deeper and stronger clarity in our hearts, minds and soul. This is how you may engener a greatest joy in the heart of Jesus.

You are an ever-present joy in the heart of God and that is how the light and knowledge and mysteries of God will be showered down upon you labors in this second invitation.

I am your servant in Jesus Christ,

Brother Samuel

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