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Rex Hayden's Speech

Speech and Testimony


I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ.It is a privilege to speak to you today.

In the book of Malachi, the Lord’s messenger, we find the descendants of Jacob-Israel returned from Babylonian exile, the Jerusalem temple rebuilt, the priests offering sacrifices again; life has seemingly returned to normal, everything is great, correct?

Wrong!The Lord says to Israel, you have a multitude of issues, you do not love me, you love yourselves, you do not honor me, you seek to honor yourselves, you do not fear me, you offer vain speech, you are in the midst of adultery and idolatry and you offer corrupt offerings to me of second, third, and fourth best, not the first fruits that I require and you do this because you say that you are weary of offering me the best.The Lord calls the priests of the day, the supposed spiritual leaders, contemptible, because they are allowing this to happen while knowing that it is not correct before God that they present corrupt offerings from a corrupt people.

All of these were only symptoms of the greater issue, or disease, if you will, among the people of Israel at the time.That disease was a “heart disease”, the people of Israel, specifically of Judah and Jerusalem, did not have hearts for the Lord, they did not have His names, the holy feelings such as charity, compassion, faith and others from the Sealed Book of Moses 4:17, written in their hearts, no, quite the opposite.Knowing this, we can well understand why all of the symptoms mentioned earlier were coming about in the people of Israel.As with a disease of the physical body the symptoms can be treated, and the affected person otherwise feel well, but without curing the actual disease the symptoms will only return and increase in number.As was such the disease of the heart that had infected the people of Israel at the time of the Lord’s messenger- Malachi.

If we, as latter day Israel, look at society today, even at the factions of the restoration from which many of us come, we are bound to see these same symptoms coming from this same disease of the heart.But, as the ancient nation of Israel was presented with the cure for their heart disease of the healing rays of the Sun of righteousness through their genuine, healthy fear of the Lord, and their keeping of His commandments; so too is latter day Israel, even all of the nations today presented with a cure for their/our heart disease.That cure today comes through faith in the Sealed Book and its translator, the Prophet Mauricio Berger, the one sent by our Lord for this specific day and time, similar to an Elijah in the form of John the Baptist being sent to prepare the hearts of the people to receive our Christ.

My personal experience and testimony is this:

I was given spiritual eyes to see the heart disease and apostasy that had developed and grown within my former denomination, and I wondered how it all was ever going to be turned around and the church return to its former glory. For the time being I waited within a congregation of this denomination that I knew still had hearts for the Lord, but I also knew that apostasy had infected, although not as deeply as the corporate church. It was not much in length of time afterward that this work of the Second Invitation surfaced and came to my knowledge. As I read, researched, studied, and sought the Lord about this work, the Sealed Book, and the Prophet Mauricio Berger, I came to understand that it was, in fact, the cure for the heart disease, the apostasy and the condemnation that my former denomination was under, and it was the answer, the cure, for all denominations of the restoration through Joseph Smith Jr.

Which brings me to my call for all of us today.That being, if we know the cure for the heart disease of the nations today, that the one presenting it is a true prophet of God, and that the time to use the cure is running out, then don’t we need to be sharing it more than ever, in as many ways as possible?

That is my word and my call for all of us today. God bless you and my love to all of you.

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